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"For years I competed in golf at a pretty high level, but as I aged I began to notice some loss of flexibility and range of motion effecting my game. With the help of NRIPT I began a stretching program that enabled me to get my game to where I want it!"


Peter McBride

State Amateur Champion

Senior Four Ball Champion

Northern Rhode Island Physical Therapy Client Testimonials

"I had reached the point where my shoulder was frozen in place, I just couldn't move without pain. It was a relief to me to have my doctor recommend therapy over surgery. At Northern Rhode Island Physical Therapy I recieved Ultrasound, deep heating sessions in combination with joint loosening and strengthening on a machine. Within 4-weeks I had felt better than I had in years"


Debra Calderon, Smithfield


"Playing high school football can be fun, but getting tackled and breaking your leg with ligament damage is not. After the cast came off, I had some pretty intensive physical therapy sessions at Northern Rhode Island Physical Therapy. Now my leg is stronger than ever and I'm playing basketball without worry. The therapist taught me stretching exercises to use before each game to prevent another injury."


Ryan Carter, Bryant University, Class of 2009


"My busy schedule wouldn't tolerate a stiff neck preventing me from driving. I wasn't able to turn my head left or right without pain. My Doctor recommended physical therapy instead of other more invasive treatments. The therapy plan developed by the staff at Northern Rhode Island Physical Therapy worked out the kinks. Driving my grandkids around isn't a pain in the neck anymore."


Eileen Fagundes, Cumberland


"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You are all wonderful! Thanks to all of you for being so caring, thoughtful and understanding. You all go above and beyond to make sure that everyone is well taken care of"




"Many thanks for the great treatments over the recent weeks. From my initial visit, it was immediately obvious that it was staffed by personnel who were truly concerned with the welfare of their customers. In addition, from the moment you enter the facility, everyone else you encounter is equally pleasant and friendly. I never regarded my visits to the center as anything but positive. I will wear my [graduation] t-shirt with pleasure as it will remind me of your care."


Ray F.


"My thanks to all you kind and gentile ladies who provided me with such good care. Your patience with my steady progress has been much appreciated."


Sue B.


"To the wonderful staff, my friends at NRIPT: This is definitely the most fun clinic that I have worked at. You all bring so much to work each day - with all the laughing, there is never a day that I go home feeling empty! I have learned a great deal from all of you here. I know that in the future, when evaluating potential employers, I will always think back to NRIPT as my gold standard..."


Steve R., clinical affiliation Physical Therapy student, Quinnipiac


"I was able to do beneficial work on my shoulder while enjoying a pleasant, friendly, safe, and stress-free environment....Maintain the wonderful facility that you are running!"


Amanda L.


"The friendly staff made sure that I made progress. "


Leslie C.


" The facility was clean and comfortable. Therapy was paced so I was never over-taxed, yet achieved the best possile result. "


Donna K.


" The staff was great and well trained. There was no long wait before each treatment... "


John O.


"Thank you all very much for all the support, time, and patience. My internship experience was better than what I thought it ever could have been. "


Sergio L., Exercise Physiology intern, University of Rhode Island


" Thanks so much for all you have done for me over the past 12 weeks. You are a great Physical Therapist! "




"A note of thanks to you all for helping me get rid of the pain!!! I was very unsettled about how it came about & doubting it would be gone in the time I was there. You are amazing at what you do and I am so appreciateive of your expertise. Thank you so much. Looking forward to spring and extending the "stay in shape" program. You're the best! "


Donna O.


"We wish to thank you all for your professionalism and pleasant atmosphere you created during our physical therapy sessions. Your care and concern are greatly appreciated! "


Debbie & John D.


"Thank you for making what could have been a difficult 3 months into an educational and empowering experience. I'll never again forget that the body moves in 3 planes. My thanks to all the staff! "


Barb O.

1 Garnett Lane

Greenville, RI 02828


(f) 401.949.5581

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